All applications for grants should be sent to the administrator at the registered office, by the end of the month preceding the month of the trustees meeting, i.e., by the end of January, April, July and October in advance of the February, May, August and November meetings. The volume of  applications is often very high, and the trustees may close the nominal deadline before the end of the quarter (see Latest News). Applicants therefore are advised not to wait until the end of the quarter before submission, the  earlier the application the more considered the first appraisal.​

Applications should include the following:

1.    A clear and concise statement of the project, whether the award sought will be for the whole project or a component part. State what the status of the applicant/organisation is: charity, CIC, registered company, etc.


2.    Evidence that there is a clear benefit to the public, i.e.,  does the project conform with the declared object of the trust as set out in the introduction.​


3.    The amount requested should be specified, or a band indicated. Is this the only source of funding being sought? All other sources of funding should be indicated, including those that have refused the applicant.​

4.    Is the grant requested part of the match-funding required by the Heritage Lottery Foundation (HLF) following an award? If so state the amount of that award and the percentage of match-funding required by the HLF and the completion date.​


5.    Wherever possible an annual report and accounts should accompany the application, as may any other supporting information deemed relevant.​

Second or further applications will not be considered until a minimum of 12 months has elapsed since determination of the previous application, whether successful or not. Applications and supporting information should  be  supplied in hard copy, which should not be stapled. An e-mail contact is required with any application or enquiry. Applicants who fail the first appraisal will be notified by e-mail. In  almost  all  instances  the trustees  make their decisions at the quarterly determination meeting and applicants are notified by post within the following week.





How to apply for a grant

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